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Extend Bootstrap with our Open source project ExtendBootstrap on Github. It includes many important bootstrap plugins like Date Time picker, Color picker, jQuery UI sliders, On / Off switches, Checkbox and radio, Pie charts, Line graph, Bootstrap alert and confirm implementation with Bootbox and Bootstrap intro plugin named Bootstro.

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Date and Time Picker

Color Picker

Knob Input

jQuery UI Sliders

77 55 33 40 88

CheckBox and Radio

On/Off Switches

  • Slider1
  • Slider2
  • Slider3


Color Details




Bootstro features

Any element anywhere on the page can be intro'ed: popovers are automatically scrolled to so they always get focused

Keyboard shortcuts: Works with Esc, → ↓, ← ↑ shortcuts too

Show can be alternativly loaded via ajax: This way the page HTML can be kept clean, and server also can decide which elements to show more easily,or translate the show more easily.

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